Charity gig on 31st July

TheSixtySix will join the Rosie Eade Band and Palmer&Falloon in playing a charity gig in support of Honeylands Children’s Charity on Sunday 31st July. The event will take place on the beautiful grounds of The Turf pub on the Exe Estuary (pictured below) and mark the finish line of the Tris Tri Challenge charity triathlon! This FREE music event will take place between 12-4pm with pub food and drinks available as usual.

Honeylands are a great local charity transforming the lives of young disabled people and their families – so please come along to show your support for their fantastic work. You can find out more and make a donation at the Tris Tri Challenge website.





Origins of TheSixtySix

In early 2016 Rosie, Niall, Dougie and Matt started jamming together. They had first played in a band together about six months earlier when Rosie performed guest vocals for a gig with Stone The Crows. In February 2016 the new band had its first public performance at The Sorry Head in Exeter. Here they are in the last song of their opening set for the Thursday Jam Night, performing the Spanky Wilson version of “Sunshine Of Your Love”.

A few weeks later, the group invited Steve to a rehearsal to jam along on keyboards. The first rehearsal went very well – so much so that by the second rehearsal the group were recording their first demo tracks and TheSixySix was born..