Rotating cameras

TheSixtySix were in the rehearsal studio on 3rd August recording some videos. We made use of a cheap turntable (as sometimes used in shop window displays) to mount a camera and capture close-up action of each band member throughout the performances. 2016-08-08-PHOTO-00000008

This was all a bit of an experiment, and we had a few technical hiccups – like the camera “going to sleep” on us! – but we’re pretty pleased with the results overall. We managed to capture some nice takes of two of the newer songs in the set: “Trouble” by Taylor Swift and “Foolish Woman Blues” by Janis Joplin (see videos below).

Video capture from Canon G1X. Audio capture with Zoom R16. Microphones: drums – sE Electronics 2200a II;  vocals – Shure SM58; Guitar – SM57; Bass – SM57; Keys – direct input. We used iMovie and GarageBand for the video and audio editing.


2 thoughts on “Rotating cameras

  1. I’m loving learning to sing the blues from the great Janis Joplin. It was quite nerve wracking to begin with, being more accustomed to the folk world, but Foolish Woman Blues is now my favourite song to sing with the Sixty Six. Rosie “blues-pixie” 🙂 x


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